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Be sure your pool fence has:

Factory-direct consumer support

Lifetime Warranty backed by a company with over a decade of excellence

Reinforced QuadStitch bordering on all four sides

Tension-based support. No gimmicks

Non-conductive deck insert sleeves

Nickel-plated or stainless steel non-corrosive latching system without sharp hooks or points

Stainless steel round-head fasteners and rounded edges on every cove molding --
No sharp edges

UV Resistant components

Powder-coated poles, not painted

The strongest pool fence mesh available

Distribution worldwide




 QuadStitch™ Border

border pictureThe border on a pool fence can be considered the most important part of the product. The border material is critical in holding the mesh to the pole. If the border is not strong enough, it will eventually pull away from the mesh, detaching the mesh from the pole.

All models of Life Saver Pool Fence use a leather-engrained, reinforced QuadStitch™ border material, with four stitches of the highest grade Aqualon marine thread securing the border to the mesh.

Be sure your pool fence has QuadStitch™ border.